10 Best benefits of strength training for women 2023

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Friends, regular monitoring is required for the body to be in the best possible health. Because bone loss and the risk of fractures rise with advancing age, it is especially crucial to develop and maintain strong muscles. Exercise that is aerobic builds the heart and lungs, improves endurance, and shields the bones and joints from harm.

Any exercise regimen must include muscle training because it can increase muscle mass, improve balance, lower the chance of injury, and improve general health. Regular strength training has other, less well-known advantages, such as easing the signs of mental health problems like stress and depression.

Dr. Titus Carr Evans can be consulted if you want to find out more about the main advantages of strength training.

1. Decreases abdominal fat.

Friends, long-term health hazards, including heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer, are linked to abdominal fat accumulation, especially visceral fat. The advantages of strength training activities in lowering both abdominal and overall body fat have been demonstrated in numerous research.

2. Decreases your risk of falls

Friends, Dr. TERRENCE J SACCHI say, strength training makes it easier for your body to support itself, which lowers your chance of falling.

In particular, a study including over 30,700 persons over 60 discovered that taking part in a well-rounded exercise program that incorporates resistance training and efficient training decreased the chance of falls by 34%.

Fortunately, other methods of strength training, including Tai Chi, weightlifting, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises, have been proven to be helpful.

3. Makes your bones stronger

Friends, strength training is crucial for the growth of bones. Weight-bearing exercises temporarily stress your bones, which causes bone-building cells to intervene and strengthen your bones. Your risk of osteoporosis, fractures, and falls is decreased by having strong bones, especially as you get older.

At any age, strength training has the potential to improve your bones.

4, Strength Training Makes You Stronger.

Friends, developing muscle is essential, particularly as we age and naturally begin to lose muscular mass, according to "Dr. Stephen.

Because it involves flexing your muscles against resistance to increase their strength and tone, strength training is also known as resistance training. Dr. Stephen C. Villeneuve distinguishes between two types of resistance training:

When exercising with isometric resistance, you tense your muscles against a stationary target, such a wall.

Strength training is necessary for making daily chores simpler and is particularly important as we age and gradually start to lose muscle mass. Isotonic strength training involves lifting weights or utilizing different speeds to tense your muscles.

5. Helps burn calories

Friends, the rate at which your body burns calories while at rest is increased by all forms of exercise, including strength training. After strength training, your body returns to a condition of more rest, which increases your body's ability to burn calories. Dr. Karen Jin Fride on Exercise (ACE) refers to this as "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption."

Friends, the quantity of energy you use during strength, weight, or resistance training depends on how hard you're working (the more effort you put in, the more energy is needed). As a result, maintaining a high degree of intensity during your workout might improve this impact, resulting in increased calorie expenditure both during and after your workout.

6. Helps You Develop Better Body Mechanics

Friends, strength training enhances not only your strength but also your balance and body composition, according to prior study.

This conclusion is supported by research from 2023, which shows that weak, older adults, including those at risk of falling, who perform at least one resistance training session per week, either independently or as part of a program that includes a variety of workouts, experience a 40% increase in muscle strength, a 7.5% increase in muscle mass, and a 65% improvement in functional capacity.

The study states that "balance depends on the strength of your muscles." "The better your balance, the stronger these muscles are."

7. Stabilize and Protect Joints

Friends, joint health is essential for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Knees, hips and shoulders are all vulnerable to injury and disease, such as osteoarthritis—especially as people age. Strength training can help increase the stability and strength of the joints, which can prevent injuries and improve overall function, according to Dr. MELANIE DANIELLE MATTSON.

Strength training can also help improve posture and balance as the joints become stronger. Dr. MELANIE DANIELLE MATTSON, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

8. Reduced Cancer Risk

Friends, in addition to raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease, visceral fat has also been linked to cancer. Fibroblast Growth Factor-2, or FGF2, is a protein that visceral fat cells manufacture, according to research presented in the Oncogene Journal's 2023 issue.

9. Helps with weight loss

Friends, strength training can help you lose weight. Strength training burns calories just like cardio, which can help you establish a calorie deficit. Similar to what happens when you perform aerobic activities, strength training also increases post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), meaning it burns extra calories several hours after the workout.

10. Strength Training May Actually Help You Live Longer.

Friends, gaining the essential strength to engage in your everyday activities and favorite pastimes might help you preserve everlasting vitality. Stephen M. Pogozelski claims that since it is linked to longer life expectancy, it makes strength training more feasible and durable.

Furthermore, a study that appeared in the 2023 issue of Frontiers in Physiology raises the possibility that strength training may be superior to cardio in terms of lowering the risk of all aging-related chronic diseases.

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