15 Best Baby healthy food recipes 12-18 months 2023

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Friends, it is recommended to wait until your child is at least 12 months old before introducing nourishing foods to their diet, while some parents begin as early as 10 months. Here are 10 homemade baby food puree recipes suitable for 12 to 18-month-olds.

Making your own baby food at home doesn't require you to be an expert chef. Commercial baby foods are practical, but during processing they may lose some vitamins, nutrients, and the "taste factor" that can encourage your child to try new foods and combinations. These ten straightforward dishes can be both more affordable and healthier than selections from the store.

1. Sweet Potato Puree recipes.

Friends, beta-carotene-rich sweet potatoes are a healthy addition to your child's diet. They are a great source of manganese, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients that help support a child's development. They also include potassium and fiber. These sweet potatoes might taste sweeter than conventional potatoes and have a smoother, creamier texture when paired with breast milk.

2. Baby Applesauce recipes.

Friends, homemade apple sauce is a mildly sweet, high-fiber, and vitamin C-rich alternative. When you don't peel the skin, which is where a lot of the fiber is, apples are a great way to add a little bit extra fiber to your child's diet, which can assist with any digestive difficulties.

Apples are delicious to eat in addition to being healthy. They can provide vitamins and nourishment, and they also make a pleasant and entertaining baby puree dish!

3. Pulled Chicken

Friends, cream cheese and chicken breasts are cooked in a slow cooker for 5 to 6 hours on low, then the chicken is shred and additional ingredients, such avocado and black beans (or salsa or green chiles), are added on the side.

4. Meatballs, Steamed Veggies & Sweet Potato Fries.

Friends, because they are so soft and simple to break apart, meatballs are a favorite with our little guests. Green peas, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and other veggies can all be steamed until they are tender but not mushy.

5. Cauliflower Tots recipes.

Friends, your youngster doesn't require a side dish or a main course because we prefer vegetarian tots! Grapes cut into quarters and sweet potatoes thoroughly chopped.

6. Tex Mex Rice Cakes

Friends, labeling food as "adult" or "child" food is something you should avoid doing because it might lead to stereotypes about what your child should and shouldn't consume. If young children often participate in family dinners and observe everyone eating the same thing, they may develop less experimental eating habits.

This recipe for Tex-Mex rice cakes is a great choice for a finger snack for your kid, giving them both a fun meal and a healthy one at the same time. These are really flavorful and wonderful in our opinion, not to mention that flattening them just takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The majority of the components are probably already in your kitchen, and if necessary, it may be made in advance and frozen. Just take them out, defrost, and heat as required.

7. Immune Boosting Very Berry Smoothie.

Friends, a parent does not want to witness their child becoming ill. By enhancing their immune system with fruits and vegetables, you can help prevent this. One effective way to increase your child's resilience to sickness is to encourage them to consume a range of fruits and vegetables, as well as yourself as an adult. The task can be made much more manageable by combining them!

During the cold season, staying healthy for both you and your child is a fantastic protection.

8. Easy-Peasy 5 Veggie Pasta for Baby

Friends, this dish is incredibly simple to create, and it's useful if you need to make a quick dinner. Simply combine a cup of chopped vegetables with your or your kids' favorite spaghetti and a nice basil dressing to complete the dish. The vegetables are simple toss able, or you can let them choose their own.

Whatever you're serving your child, slice it up into manageable pieces, whether it's squash, mushrooms, peas, carrots, or something else. Experiment freely, and consider your child's preferences.

9. Avocado Puree

Friends, if you intend to freeze the avocado puree for later use, all you'll need is a fresh avocado, a blender, and some lemon juice. If the avocado is particularly mushy, I've even made it with only a spoon occasionally! It is a low-allergenic food that is high in good fats, making it a secure choice for giving a child their first introduction to wholesome foods.

10. Kiwi Puree

Friends, this puree is great for kids and has a lovely aroma. It is thought to be a favorite because of this. Making it ahead of time and storing it is also pleasurable. Make sure the mango is extremely ripe and sweet, and taste it before creating the puree to make sure it won't be too tart. You can combine it with banana or applesauce if it's too tart.

11. Whipped Peanut Butter

Friends, although you might not have access to it, chunky peanut butter is a fantastic kid-friendly snack! Small peanut pieces in peanut butter are a safe way to introduce peanut butter to young children, and subsequently, it can be fed to them without risk. It only needs to be blended with water until it has a creamy, peanut butter-like consistency without being overly sweet. Smooth, not excessively nutty, and high in protein, it is delicious.

12. Pumpkin thyme purée

This straightforward meal is full of potassium, iron, and beta-carotene. For future single-serving portions, prepare a large amount and freeze it in ice cube trays!

13. First carrots purée

Friends, carrots' naturally sweet flavor and alluring texture make them a terrific addition to complicated meals.

This simple carrot dish offers a great source of the antioxidant beta-carotene and vitamin A.

14. White fish, carrot, and leek purée

Friends, this purée is a delicious brain-booster. Omega-3 fatty acids found in white fish can help children's developing central nervous systems. Carrots are a rich source of antioxidants and some people think they benefit the heart and circulatory system.

15. Quinoa banana mash

Friends, quinoa is a grain that is high in protein and is a great supplement to the diet of your developing youngster. It gives mashed potatoes, a component that your youngster surely already adores, a fun new texture.

You might try including cooked quinoa in your kid's meals. Little hands may easily pick up the cooked grains, making it a convenient food for them to eat on their own.

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